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A Dream

A dream shared by David before his passing; written by Michele.

It was the inside a very modern-looking house. I only saw a small portion of it but the rooms were very large and open. It almost seemed as though the few walls went up but there was no ceiling. There were Spartan, almost non-existent, furnishings. The floor seemed to be concrete.

I was near a large sink with my mother and uncle. They were starting to wash dishes side by side. Their backs were toward me. My grandmother came in and sat in a recliner about 5 feet away to the right of the sink. No one spoke.

I left the room and walked to the next room. I stopped at a step and did something, tied a shoe?. For what it’s worth the step was a concrete slab about 4’ wide, 3” thick with about an 18” tread depth. It was open on the sides and I don’t know if there were more steps or just this one.

After just a few seconds I went back to the kitchen but no one was there. I thought it strange that the recliner was still in the open / reclined position even though no one was in it. For some reason I thought that my grandmother might still be in it but that I couldn’t see her. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine her sitting back in the recliner. When I opened my eyes she was there!

Then she said, “I haven’t slept since I got here.” At first I thought this a complaint but I think it was really just a simple statement of fact.

After a few seconds she said, “I am unlimited.” (Or “I am limitless.”)

I noticed for the first time that there was an electric-blue aura all around her. It was very bright at the surface of her skin and radiated outward, fading away at about 4”. She seemed to glow from within, emanating a muted blue-white light. She reminded me of a diffuser on a fluorescent light.

And then she said, “I’m not evil anymore.”

This shook me. My grandmother was a good person. She had much love to give and I was the lucky recipient of much of it. But she had a streak in her that I guess could best be called… evil. As a child, the TV character I associated with her was Dr. Zachary Smith from Lost In Space. He could be pleasant, sometimes to the point of sickening sweetness. But he was always hiding something, something evil. His motives were always suspect. He could be cruel and heartless. I thought of my grandmother as similar. But underneath it all I knew she loved me deeply. Doesn’t that mean that she had a good heart? I hoped so. I guess that’s why hearing her say that she wasn’t evil anymore struck such a cord in me. She had been cleansed, redeemed, made right. I was, and still am, happy for her. I owe her much and it is good to see her at peace.

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